Troop 92

Hazlet New Jersey

Page Last Updated 03/16/2014

Troop 92

Hazlet, NJ

Chartered by Hazlet Fire Company No.1

Welcome to Troop 92, Boy Scouts of America. This material has been written to assist new scouts and their families in learning the rules and procedures that have helped our troop remain successful and to enhance each Scout’s enjoyment of the program.

Why Scouting?

If you’re looking for an activity for your son that will change his life and make him a better adult, your involvement is vital, then get him involved in Scouting.

A well-rounded boy should be involved with his family, church, Scouting, band, sports. Our program provides time for these other important commitments.

Scouting is GAME with a PURPOSE – to develop:

  • Future leaders

  • Strong character

  • Good Citizenship

  • All-around fitness

The eight methods used by all good troops make scouting unique are:

  1. Scouting Ideals (Promise, Law, Motto, Slogan)

  2. Patrol System

  3. Advancement

  4. Outdoor Program

  5. Adult Role Models

  6. Leadership Development

  7. Personal Growth

  8. Scout Uniform

You can’t get what Scouting offers anywhere but in Scouting!

Mission Statement

The mission of Troop 92 is to promote and foster an atmosphere that will provide a foundation for positive growth. That is growth in the areas of moral strength and character; participating citizenship; and physical, mental and emotional fitness.


Our monthly dues are $12.50 and are collected the first meeting of each month from September through June. The Scout is responsible for paying his dues to the Troop Scribe and ensuring it is properly recorded. To properly control the flow of funds we request that all dues be paid via check. This money covers annual registration with the Boy Scouts of America, annual subscription to Boys Life Magazine, general operating expenses, equipment and awards. These fees do not cover all expenses for special events, which will be communicated to the scouts during the planning of these events. The Troop wants all boys to be able to participate in the scouting program regardless of their personal financial situation. Because of this, various fundraising projects are a regular part of Troop activities. The Troop has devised a Scout participation program that allows the scout to participate in the event. The scout gets to keep one-half of the profit that the troop receives from the event. The amount in the scout’s account can be utilized for summer camp and any other troop Committee approved event.  Scouts and their families are required to participate in various fundraisers in order to ensure that the financial requirements of the troop are met.

Troop Meetings

Meeting Day: Wednesday
Time: 7:30 – 9:00 pm
Place: Hazlet Fire Co. No 1
Holmdel Road, Hazlet NJ

Scouts should arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of the meeting. Scouts who are unable to attend a weekly meeting are requested to call their Patrol Leader prior to the meeting.  It is important to adhere to this schedule to ensure a smooth running program. Our unit leaders all have full-time employment and have made this commitment to volunteer their time. The BSA has a requirement of two-deep leadership and we have made arrangements to have at least two adults in attendance at all times.  Please make their “jobs” easier.