For the October 2009 Camping trip, Troop 92 went to Alpine Scout Camp. The camping trip started off on Saturday morning when we did rank advancement and although there were on and off showers in the morning we all just ignored it and kept on working. Finally it was time to go to the sleepy hollow Halloween event.  We went to the graveyard which was supposedly where all the characters of the story of the headless horseman were buried and took up the first half of the evening and at the end of that it was drizzling again. By the time we got into the place with the Halloween event it was already dark and it was raining harder.  We went through half a mile of trail and reached the main attraction there are people singing and acting out parts of the play and it was not very impressive and by this time it was just a torrential downpour so after ten minutes we left.  But this was not as easy as we thought it would it would be because by this time the trail was just mud and this place was on a hill. I personally think that the best part of the camping trip was getting back to our tents. And despite that on Sunday the sun came out as always on a troop 92 camping trip. And I think that although it was not the driest camping trip it was still fun.